Would you give this up for a TRX??

2 completely different animals. The TRX is quick up to 100 stock. And that Shelby double that, can’t really compare. It would be wrong to do so. You can still daily the Shelby and outrun pretty much everything on the street. But if you daily a TRX an Altima or accord can outrun you on the long freeway shots, which really sucks LOL
In a heartbeat. But you couldn't give me a Mustang if it came with a requirement that I had to keep it. I've had several of them. No more Ford's for me. Period.
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Not sure I'd fit into that car lol. Love the TRX and don't think I'd replace it with anything. So yes I'd trade. Best of luck op.
I love my TRX and use it more than my Challenger but I'd have been disappointed if I'd have traded up for it. Completely different animals so unless you need a truck and don't love the Mustang then the answer is no.
I traded in a 22 Mach 1 and a 22 Ranger Tremor for my 23 TRX, very glad I did it. I find myself driving it more than my Redeye. You won't be disappointed with the TRX, but as others have said, it's a much different vehicle than a GT500.

Nasty combo
I'm making the move to the TRX..... Stay tuned..
I've got both, and I can tell you that you will miss the GT500 if you get rid of it. The TRX is the wildest daily I've ever had, and I'm dreading the day I have to trade it in...but as you know the new GT500's are a blast, and I think the HE CFTP are going to hold value pretty well in the long term since we won't know what the next version will have under the hood for a couple years. If you can do it financially, I would try to get creative with storage to keep it. Just my .02
I will most likely be trading my TRX in for a Durango hellcat. The TRX is a great truck. I have owned mine for 1.5 years which is the longest I have owned a single vehicle in at least 10 years. I usually change every 6 months.

Reason for trading include mostly the size and inability to park in a lot of parking places, parking garages and my wife is uncomfortable driving it. So when on vacations with the TRX she wont go anywhere without me driving her there. I am test living with the Durango hellcat for a week (I personally know the owner and he said enjoy it for a week). Only thing I will miss is the HUD and the 360 camera. The Durango has great seats but a little lacking in the interior tech. But wow can it haul ass and much better cornering and is a blast to drive.

Just my 0.02.
Absolutely. I came from a Redeye challenger to a TRX and haven’t looked back since. This truck somehow fits all of my needs. And has a spare tire.


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TRX all the way !!!!!!!!!!
Owned a C7 Z06......HC RE WB......now my TRX. TRX checks all the boxes, fast (for a truck), comfortable, great visibility, etc.
Two very different vehicles.

I traded in my 2015 Z/28 (and daily driver 392 Charger) for the TRX, mainly bc my head was ON the ceiling when driving the Z/28 and wearing a helmet in there was impossible. It just wasn't a comfortable car for someone my size. But it was a toy car and the TRX is my new daily driver. I'll figure out the next fun car later, but even after owning this truck for several months, I STILL love driving it every single time.
If it’s not a daily there is no chance I would give up that for a TRX. Not a chance. At the end of the day while the TRX is all around awesome it’s a daily driver pickup truck. Faster and more badass for sure than most out there but it’s still a truck.

If you’ll use it as a daily or semi daily then makes sense to trade.
So while not a GT500, you and I share a common dilemma. Back in 2021, i had a 2021 Mustang RTR spec 2. It was one of 500. Great car, had a f150 daily at the time. I randomly found about about the TRX watching a youtube video, as I was looking to trade the ford in for a RAM.

So i sold my F150 and the mustang for a TRX and picked up a jeep gladiator later as a daily. the TRX got stolen (before I knew about all the security/ease of theft bs), and i later picked up a sandblast that i have now.

That said, I had the same dilemma, and reasoned it as its a truck and also a sports far, faster than most sports cars, i don't need both. Would do it again x5. I wanted something faster, and was going to supercharge the mustang anyway, so this made a lot of sense. I later picked up a challenger hellcat also because i love the damn hemi. Most my life I have chased these cars, and finally got a chance to get one. In 2021, they were hard to come by, and got lucky, that then bridged a relationship with the dealer and now I wont shop anywhere else.


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