What do you plan on towing?

We just bought a Micro Minnie 2108FBS, have the weight safe WDH. First time we’ve towed anything so hope it goes okay
Which Weigh safe model did you pick up exactly? I'm about to buy an RV and WDH tomorrow and I was going to call Weigh Safe tomorrow.
Which Weigh safe model did you pick up exactly? I'm about to buy an RV and WDH tomorrow and I was going to call Weigh Safe tomorrow.

See attached. You can probably use the 6 drop vs the 8, just depends on what you need to hookup


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Gonna tow it right to dealer to sell it😂🤣
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Did 1200 miles with my 28" triple axle covered car trailer across Europe last week with my Porsche 991, plus two spare sets of wheels and tools in the trailer and was really surprised how well the TRX did, we can't use weight distribution hitches here so it was a little squatted at the rear

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Great looking package! Is this the same TRX that was tracked on Nürburgring? If it is, that is/was an incredible video to watch!! My reaction to the video is to salivate, heart palpitations. Repeat performance please, I want more!!!
Just a utility trailer and a Clay Pigeon Cart. I haven't even tried it since I normally just drive the 1 mile to the Clay Sporting Ranch but when I go on longer trips, it will be much better than towing with my AMG.


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Well, I didn't plan on towing my 2019 Ram 3500 with my 2022 Ram TRX, but I had to this morning. My 3500 has a problem right now, there is a draw on the battery, and I have an appointment in 10 days to have the dealer fix it. I knew there was a draw on the battery, so I had a battery tender on it to keep it charged. This morning I needed to move the 3500 to let a contractor have access to the back of my house. I was surprised to find that the battery was dead on the 3500 despite having a battery tender on it. I tried to jump start it but got nothing out of it. Did you know that you can't shift a 2019 3500 out of park or put the transfer case in neutral if the battery is totally dead?

TRX to the rescue. I hooked it up to the 3500, and my wife drove the TRX in 4-low while I tried to steer the 3500 with no power steering. If you give that TRX some gas, something is going to happen, no question about it. We ended up dragging the 3500 about 50' to get it out of the way. All of this in the dark, with the outside temp 17 F. Afterwards my wife stepped out of the TRX, and had a cocky attitude. She turned around and looked at it, then looked back at me and said "that thing is a BEAST". Then she turned and walked in the house without saying another word.
Finally got the trailer hooked up. 28ft enclosed with a Nissan Z inside. Not quite as stable as the old Cummins was, but overall it did alright. Horrible gas mileage though as you can imagine. 😅 Has load bars with anti-sway, a must with heavier stuff!

Busy weekend. Towed my 22’ enclosed one day and a 14’ dump trailer filled with mulch the next.


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2021 Ranger Z521L
Nice setup! Any issues pulling it? What's the weight of your setup? I currently have a raptor and am thinking of going with either a TRX, AT4X, or a 3/4 ton truck (SD, HD...). I have a 22ft Robalo bay boat with powerpoles and so ends up being around 6k. thanks

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