Is your TRX one of a kind? Let's find out.

1C6SRFU96NN357355. Thanks Eighty.
1C6SRFU96NN357355. Thanks Eighty.
Yours is one of a kind for all model years (2021-2023).

What makes this a particularly “common” build in your opinion?
Well, it’s black. It’s a Level 2, but basically no other options except pano and running boards. Seems to be a fairly common “spec” configuration from the factory.
Just my observation. Most of the one-of-a-kind trucks have varying mixtures of multiple other options.
I've done this analysis in a couple of other/random threads, figured I'd start a stand-alone one to keep it all in one place.

Is your TRX a one-of-a-kind build? It might be. You'd be surprised as to how many unique combinations of options there are. Here's an example of the analysis, based on my VIN (which is one of a kind).

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The way it would be translated, based on the order of options that I looked at, is as follows:
For MY 2021-2023, there were 48,089 TRX's built.
Of those, 15,669 were Diamond Black.
Of those, 12,180 were Level 2.
Of those, 11,735 have the Harman Kardon sound system.
Of those, 10,382 have the Panoramic Sunroof.
And so on, until you get to the end. The last option is model year. And in my case, only one VIN shows up (it's a 2022, and it's my truck). So my build is one-of-a-kind for all model years (2021-2023).

If you'd like me to run your VIN, post it up here and I'll provide the same analysis. Or if you're a black helicopter kind of guy, shoot me a PM and I'll send it privately.

This analysis won't work for the 2024 model year (yet), as it's only valid once production has finished. I'm 99.9% sure they're done with the 2023's, since no new build sheets have been published for almost a week.