WTB TRX at msrp. Any delers here?


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Oct 23, 2020
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Hi, want to buy a TRX at msrp. Any dealers with a locations willing to sell me one please dm or respond below. Thank you!
The forum is a good resource. The the post-embargo videos probably won’t help your cause, but after the hype dies down a bit you’ll be able to order one. Word on the street is that new allocations will be doled out in Nov. I would just send a form email to all the dealers in a 250 mile radius from where you live and see what happens.
Yeah, what Cu89 said. I called to 4 different dealerships before finding one that had an available allocation and getting my order in. Finding one may get more difficult now that all the media hype has hit, but you should still be able to get one at or near MSRP if you are persistent. Pay attention to things like deposits as well. I know that for some people tying up $5000 for 3-6 months is ok and for others it is not. Some places will offer refundable deposits and others are non-refundable. If you are prone to changing your mind or getting buyer's remorse you may want to find one with a refundable deposit. I have seen people have to put down anywhere from $500 -$5000 to order one of these truck.

Good luck in your hunt. You may also want to look on the facebook page for available allocations. Welcome to the club.

There are several other legal advice sites that discuss this. YMMV, but I can assure you that you want to make sure your deposit is refundable if you think you may need to back out.