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Jun 17, 2021
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Well, i've had my TRX stolen once. That was back in November, dealing with safeco insurance was an absolute nightmare. They took 6 months to settle a simple claim, had to get the dept of insurance involved. One of their adjusters thought that the billstein suspension was aftermarket... The theives replaced my rear glass and Safeco refused to replace it... I switched back to state farm even though my insurance premiums went up by 11K per year for all my cars, thats how bad safeco is. Anyway, enough of that. I had already planned to do some work on the truck and i got a bit carried away. All in, i'll have too much money into the truck and insurance for my costs is unlikely an option from what i have been finding.

So I should get my truck back in about a month. I already plan to install the IGLA on it as well as replace the rear glass with bulletproof glass. I upgraded the security system dramatically at my house with cameras everywhere. I live in Newport Beach, CA, in a community where we have 24hr armed patrol and despite that, the track hawk down the street got stolen and another hellcat got stolen in the same week just a couple months ago. My buddy who bought a TRX and lives in the "port streets" of newport got his stolen as well from his driveway.

All that said, i'm basically planning on having thugs attempt to steal my truck when i get it back fairly regularly, I don't know a way around it. I won't say i have an open budget but I am willing to spend some money on security.

What would be some suggestions in addition to the IGLA? I'm going to put the Tile Credit Card trackers in a bunch of spots, they don't alert you like airtags that you are being tracked. I was thinking a weight sensor pad but thats only going to tell me when its gone, which doesn't help.

All ideas welcome!
IGLA, good. Many IGLA installers are also compustar dealers. Get yourself a compustar alarm with the following:
1. T12 or T13 remote kit (comes with drone module, you want to upgrade to the X1 Max which has a built in battery incase it’s ripped out)
2. DAS II shock and window break sensors

Get that and the IGLA and you’re good to go. Your armed security is worthless. They’ll do nothing to protect you or your property. A lot of thefts have occurred in patrolled neighborhoods, some of said security has even been in on it.
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IGLA, full compustar and disable the neutral pull. Then set parking brakes to engage in park. Thats about as locked down as you can get. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Get it in a garage. Neutral pull cover. Enable automatic e brake. Compustar plus drone.
Lots of dashcams have motion and shock sensors so you can watch them in action.
Steering wheel club. Wheel boots. Retractable bollards. Security film on all windows. Always have an empty gas tank. Until you switch security companies it might be safer to park it at the airport. Bad joke I know but it seems the theft ring has eyes on those cats and owners 24 hours a day 🚫
I’m also in Newport. Heard yesterday 15 raptors have been stolen from Dover Shores and Port Streets. Wild.

Saw your build…badass trophy truck. I’d do a garage if you can…

Maybe I’ll see you at Kean lol

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