VON Tracking & RAM Status Codes

If I have a "VON" and dealer says its in BG status does that mean the order is in que?
From past ordering I believe the only real "in que" is D1
once things get ramped up - I think these are the codes FCA uses. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. So if customer service says you are BX you know where in the process you are.

BA: New order that hasn't been checked
BB: Review by fleet department
BD: Special equipment processing
BE: Edit error
BG: Passed edit n/a for schedule
BGL: Edit ok parts unavailable
BX: Passed edit available for schedule
C: Sub firm - Tentative schedule
D: Firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
D1: Gateline schedule - scheduled to be built
E: Frame
F: Paint
G: Trim
I: Built not ok'd
J: Built ok'd
JB: Vendor
JE: Emission check
JS: Shipped to storage, really
KZ: Released by plant , invoiced (window sticker)
KZL: Released - not shipped (see JS)
KZM: First rail departure
KZN: First rail arrival
KZO: Delayed/recieved
KZOA: Plant holds
KZOB: Zone/distribution holds (see JS)
KZOC: Carrier delays
KZOD: Carrier holds
KZOE: Mis-shipped vehicle
KZOF: Show/test vehicle
KZOG: Damaged vehicle
KZOH: All other reasons
KZT: Second rail departure
KZU: Second rail arrival
KZX: Delivered to dealer
ZA: Canceled
Hopefully this goes more smoothly than my 19 Wrangler Rubi order. Got damaged at the factory after the final qc inspection and they eventually had to build me a new one. Whole process took almost 7 months. Smh.
I got a BA on my order. I hope my dealer gives me updates, I wish they had like an app to follow the process for a 90k truck
I got a BA on my order. I hope my dealer gives me updates, I wish they had like an app to follow the process for a 90k truck

Yeah most brands don't....The reason being is most folks don't give a damn about cars/trucks like we do :)
I'm slightly excited.. So I chated as well to check. I was told...

"We got rid of status's".. LOL sure...
But it passed Edit and the next major step was a VIN assignment

So I'm assuming its BG or BX.

I pushed on time frames and she said 6-12 weeks.. So add that into the confusion on timeframes. :)
dealer sent me an update today. order was input thursday the 20th but they told me on that day it wouldnt go into system until 24th, on first day it opens for non LE builds. today he sent me update and its in D status, with a VIN. i dont htink vehicle tracking system is working any more, so no way to track there. the chat with FCA ive been told has not been too reliable with information, or at least solid info. will post any update sas i get them
I also wasn’t given a status code but I was given my VIN and told my white non LE was in the scheduling stage where all parts are being assembled before the build starts. My vin ended with 0282
Congrats on the VIN's! I was thinking all the LE was going to scheduled and VIN'ed first but looking like the non-LE's will be hitting the streets sooner rather than later
Agreed. Congrats on the VIN's that's great news! First 2 on here that we've heard of so far!!
00073 - for me. Come on October 12 (start of production).

Public Service Announcement - If you use the FCA chat off hours take what they tell you with a grain of salt. I contacted them last night around midnight and the rep said she could not even find my order. Tried again 15 min later with a different agent, again, could not find my order. This morning the rep found the order without issue, prided me with my VIN and said check back in October.
Congrats!!....thanks for the info...
You guys who received thier VIN already, did you call or submit a inquiry form? My sales guy is out till Monday. Thanks
Does anyone know how many Ram's they can build in a day?

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