📷 TOTM TRX_SAV - May 2024 RAM TRX of the Month Winner



The May 2024 RAM TRX photo contest was a true spectacle, with 8 exceptional entries battling it out. As 62 votes poured in, one image emerged as the undisputed favorite, resonating deeply with our TRX community. Garnering a staggering 59% of the total votes, this amazing shot has secured @TRX_SAV the prestigious 'TRX of the Month' title. Congratulations! 🏆

In case you missed it, be sure to check out all the TRX photos featured in the voting thread:

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who contributed their time and effort to participate in this event.

Stay tuned for the next RAM-TRX.com photo contest beginning the first week of June!
There is still plenty of time to vote, but it’s pretty cool that I got a head start with the amount that have voted, thanks! (y)😎
Officially congratulations. Beautiful picture well deserved!!
that’s pretty awesome, thanks for the votes. I know it wasn’t a large entry pool this month but I’ll take it lol. I just enjoy working on my photography and there is no better subject then the TRX.

Only downside is I don’t have the platform on here to continue a monthly photo, guess I have to work on the videography.

Thanks again 🤟
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Congrats, excellent work and an awesome looking truck