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Oct 3, 2020
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I’m wondering what everyone thinks about a truck cap on the TRX. I really like the Smart Cap, because it can be delivered to your door and it seems to be built well. I checked with the manufacturer and they say the one currently offered for the ram 1500 will fit, and that it weighs 240LBS.

I used to own a 2017 Raptor. What a POS. It blew up in Nebraska, and left me and my wife stranded. Ford took two months, but did replace the motor. Anyway, I liked to jump it through corn fields out at my farm. Probably only a couple feet of air at about 80MPH. It was fun, even if the Ford was a POS. I want to do this with the TRX. I’m wondering how the cap will hold up? Anyone ever jump a truck with a cap? My family is getting bigger and I need the cap for gear and dog protection on road trips. My yellow lab makes my ‘19 Longhorn 1500 look like the carpet is made strictly of dog hair.

The other down side is that 240LBS takes up 18% of the 1310LBS Payload. I would never be aggressively driving the truck loaded full of gear, but with all that extra space, I’m sure one could easily max out payload —especially after you through in 4 adults. Anyone think we can throw in an extra 200-300LBS, without notice, in normal driving conditions?
I am looking into the same thing and had the same questions.
as i'm out in israel, i would need to plan and construct my own bed. the aluminum hood would fit the silhouette of the cabin and have 1 left side door and 1 right, and a rear door which would host the rear break light and camera. the hood would sit on 2 sturdy arches and on top install a flat rack.
box would have 2 floors: bottom: 75liter waeco fridge on australian slide drop-down (1 foot) on left and a slide kitchen on the right. center box would take a dc-ac converter and compressor. front would take 30gal petrol on left and 30gal water on right. mezannine floor out of 8 rectangle pieces for bottom floor service. this floor hosts parsonal backpacks, table, chairs, highlift jack, recovery gear, firewood and more
I have also looked at the smart cap and it appears fab, except for the weight as noted.
and thats without their tool boxes or stuff as options.
a serious flat cover like the diamondback weighs 125, so 115 is the delta.
by comparison a sold undercover, prob the lightest 1 piece is 60.

Sure is TRX tough looking cap...

But this saves 180# in weight.

And this weighs about 110#

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