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Jul 8, 2020
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Yeah I know.. odd Comparison... So take the HP out of the equation......

What do you think the differences will be? Seems you can get all the same "features" in the Rebel as the Limited today (minus power running boards and some small finishes), but the TRX will have a completely different suspension.

How do you think Ride quality will be, or noise with the tires? Any major tech differences or feature differences anticipated? Seems like Rambox will probably be a no go.
Yeah I really wanted the Rambox's too... who knows.. maybe we will be surprised. And the newer trucks have SO much more storage than my current 2006 Ram1500 I think I should be fine even without....
If the TRX is designed not to so much to haul, tow, or carry, (What!? It’s a pickup after all!) but more as a factory prerunner with long travel suspension 13” plus, with 35’s or 37’s, enough power under the hood to do it right and the width to keep it stable, I’m all in! ?
Yeah, no doubt it can still tow and haul. I just have homeowner stuff, nothing major so it would never be pushed.... Just curious I guess. Limited is a Luxury truck, and the TRX with (lets say 95%) of the Limited Tech, better Suspension, hellcat motor... just seems like a no brainer.

I guess I feel like I'm missing something..... lol.. maybe that's the price that surprises ? :)
Agreed on the Rambox - I would be both surprised and delighted if the TRX had that as an option. Maybe Mopar can offer some sort of aftermarket retrofit?

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