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Feb 21, 2021
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Found a Launch Edition for MSRP, but it has tow mirrors. Trying to understand the look of those vs the standard. Are they too big.
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If you end up with the truck and don't like them, assuming they are plug and play to swap, I'll send you my regular mirrors and you can send your tow mirrors to me.
LOL, put a deposit on it. Gave all my info, and they called back and said it was sold Saturday. SMH. That's twice. Someone is trying to tell me something. Ultra disappointed.
Did you have a signed sales agreement with them?
Nope just did a quick deposit via phone. I mean it was all in 20 min. Drove 2 hours Saturday for 1, they sold it 2 days before, and now this. Looking forward to spring and my Redeye. Will survive without the TRX.
Get a written / signed deal prior to sending them a dime.
I absolutely LOVE my tow mirrors and wouldn't have it any other way, it makes the truck look more rugged.
Tow mirrors are the best and you get those neat LED aux reverse lights mounted below them. They look to be a carryover from the 2500 3500 Series and they tuck in so close to the body of the TRX when power folded. I will admit, if they did not power fold I would not be interested tho....