TRX is Dead for 2025, But spirit lives on.


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Dec 3, 2021
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Looks like the new "TRX" is called the Ram RHO. I am glad they killed the TRX name with the 6.2. It would have been a hard sell without the hemi. I think this move just made the TRX way cooler!

From C&D
"In addition to the standard 1500 lineup, Ram promises that a new truck called the Ram 1500 RHO will arrive during the third quarter of 2024. That truck will essentially arrive as the new TRX, though it won't feature the same snarling 6.2-liter Hemi V-8 from a Hellcat. Instead, it will feature the the high-output Hurricane with 540 horses—which is why the company didn't call it a TRX. However, it will have all the hardcore off-road hardware that made the V-8-powered truck such a beast."

So glad they changed the name from trx to rho, without the engine the trx name wouldn’t fit the new straight 6 TT platform. Apparently RHO stands for a Ram High Output or maybe Rhino. Keep those TRX’s boys and girls, I know I am!

The front end/grille reminds me of a Ford Ranger, which isn’t a good thing imo.

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All I can say is this is the stupidest move that Stelantis could have ever done...PERIOD!

They will never get another dime from me... (unless of course they wise up and quit kissing "KlausKerryGates'" ass, and come back to their senses with a new and better "Hemi" like butter said... then we'll see🙏
This is good news for all of us with a TRX. It sucks for our future truck buying options though.

There is nothing out there right now, or on the horizon that I could see myself wanting to replace my TRX, other then the Raptor R, which doesn’t seem to be available at/below MSRP anytime soon, if ever.
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I’ve been a loyal Dodge/Ram owner since 2002 (I did have a short affair with a 2020 EcoPoop Raptor), and this feels like a slap in the face by Ram and Tim Kuniskis. I’m sure the new 6 Cylinder will be a good motor across the line of Ram trucks, but to not offer a V8 is a sad move.
Would be pretty cool if we could keep our trucks running forever lol. If all of us kept our trucks, maybe we could keep enough of a market for aftermarket to continue making parts for our trucks? Probably dreaming in technicolor. All i want is for my kids (6/2/1) to be able to roll into school with a hellcat V8 rumbling in the parking lot when everyone else is driving golf carts lolol.
In this new 2025 Ram reveal video, Tim Kuniskis mentions (about 6:10) that they are making the RHO, and "maybe even someday a new TRX".

Do we have any specifics on the suspension of the RHO? Active bilsteins? Wider stance/etc?
They agreed, "let's kill the trx and charge more for the last units"
In this new 2025 Ram reveal video, Tim Kuniskis mentions (about 6:10) that they are making the RHO, and "maybe even someday a new TRX".

I never cared about any Dodge/Ram truck before the TRX and after watching this video I doubt I'll ever care about any Ram truck in the future unless the TRX returns. Back to Chevy/Ford after this.

Also switching the name from TRX to RHO makes complete sense. Like I've posted before I can't think of a halo vehicle that has decreased performance from one generation to the next. Better to just give it a new name.
Since the current Rebel and TRX share the same front bumper, the pictures of the 2025 Rebel could be a good indicator of what the bumper will be on the RHO