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Aug 18, 2020
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spirit lake, ia
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Hi all!

I'd appreciate the opportunity to earn you business on your TRX purchase. I've done alot of deals with forum members for specially JL wrangler forum and JT Gladiator Forum members and i'm more than happy to give you reference from either. I'm the 4th generation in our group of 5 stores that represent 10 new vehicle franchise brands.

What we offer...

2% below invoice purchase price

$75 doc fee

We offer financing options, or you can bring your own bank, your decision

$1,000 non-refundable deposit, that deposit goes towards the final price of your TRX

I try to keep it as up front and simple as possible. I don't like the stereotypical dealer BS, I tell our people the more we can be like Amazon the more vehicles we will sell and it has worked out amazing well.

My Email is the best form of contact [email protected]

Or if you need to reach me at the store the number is 712-336-2701

I look forward to meeting you in person with your new TRX

Spencer Heywood
Motor Inn of Spirit Lake
I've had a few of you email and or call me

1) If we can't get your ram built for some reason you will get your deposit back

2) I can not commit/know if we will get any Launch Edition TRX's at this moment. I will update this when we know for sure
I currently have not received any communication on how Launch Edition allocation will work, so at this time I can't tell you how many if any LE's i'll get
Update, no LE edition TRX from me, best of lucky guys if you need any questions on those answered that your local dealer isn't able to help you with i'll give it my best shot to assist you
Sounds like a solid deal. I'm interested. Email Sent.
Well I just got an update for ETA on orders from my rep... FCA isn't given anyone in my entire ZONE allocation.... he said it would be 6 months before we would get even 1 allocation even on a sold order for the entire zone. My apologies, I'm shocked Dodge would do this

If there is anything else I can do for you i'd be happy to do so
Sorry to hear that Spencer. That's not a good move for FCA as far as I'm concerned. There have to be better ways for FCA to handle you'd think.
Welcome to the forum @spenchey - thanks for trying to provide the TRX community with discounts and ordering information.
If you ever get any allocations this would be a great deal for me if I could find a dealer to do a courtesy delivery.
E-mail sent. I don't mind waiting several months for an awesome deal. Looking at putting together funds mean while.

Ronald F Pickle

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