Truck Update: Rewrapped the Rex


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Feb 25, 2020
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Mods so far (Bold is new since last update):
  • Full Wrap in 3M Matte Dark Grey (with wrapped emblems) KPMF Matte Autumn Fire
  • Body Color Painted Bumpers and Plastics
  • "Demon Eyes" from Oracle Lighting
  • Interior Lighting kit from Oracle
  • Oracle T-Rex puddle lights in all 4 doors
  • Mopar Power Running Boards
  • Retrax MX Tonneau Cover
  • Black Skid Plate Factory Color Matched the original gray skip plate to gloss black.
  • Train Horn
  • Boom Blaster horn
  • Tazer DT
  • Cree 5" Round Rack Lights
  • "F YOU" light bar in back for lighting the bed or trailer at night but mainly to back off tailgaters or people who don't dim their brights behind me.
  • 20" Fuel Tech in Bronze with 325/60-20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
  • "Custom Engineered" grille to delete "RAM" emblem in front
  • Incognito Lower Pulley FAS Predator Lower Pulley (Pulled of Incognito as I was sick of the squeaking and changing belts every couple months)
  • Rough Country Leveling Kit
  • Body Armor 4x4 Rear Bumper Painted repainted factory black then wrapped.
  • 22x10 +10 Offset TIS 556SB Wheels w/37x13.50R22 Tires (Swapping back to 37" Ridge Grapplers in Spring)
  • Winter Wheels: 22x10 +10 Offset Fuel Darkstars with 35x12.50R20 Ridge Grapplers I had siped.
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Well, I just finished up wrapping my black TRX in 3M Matte Dark Grey vinyl. I also added the following small touches:
  • Wrapped stock beauty rings on the wheels in matte black and changed to black lug nuts
  • Wrapped front grille "RAM" emblem in matte red
  • Wrapped Edges of "RAM" on tailgate in matte red
  • Painted edges of "TRX" and "4x4" red (and just noticed I must have been wearing one shoe because both are crooked, so I get to re-mount those)
  • Distress flag underlay on tailgate
  • Tinted corner lights on mirrors
  • Tinted corner deflector and cut out a "TRX" logo there
  • Added "Demon Eyes" from Oracle Lighting
  • Retrax MX Tonneau Cover (VERY minimal modification needed to clear bolts on top of Rambar. Just needed to notch out spots for bolt heads with a Dremmel.)
Let me know what you guys think!

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Wow Congratulations that looks amazing !
I’m a fan of the stock black. Nice job though as long as you’re a fan of that look that’s all that matters.
I LOVE black trucks/cars when they are clean! No better color IMO. However, trying to KEEP them clean is a constant nightmare.
Do you switch out the running boards for Mopar power steps?
Looks very nice. Did you add the Ram Bar or did your truck come with it? I’m thinking about that bed cover you have but saw someone say they thought it may not work with the factory installed bar because the bolts are on top. Did you have to modify it?