Toolkit included?


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Sep 2, 2020
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Jackson MI
I saw a toolkit of some sort mentioned in several of the preproduction reviews on YouTube. I don't see a line item for a toolkit in any of the window stickers that I've seen so am assuming those were just for the test mules?
I hope not cause that would be kinda funny!
interesting question. Can't see why they would put one in, but I saw the same kit several times in test mules
Any updates on this? I guess this was an early model thing? Sales guy seems perplexed when I asked to be certain it was in the truck. I’m OCD like that, when I get rid of it in 20 years, I like to have all those things to get top dollar, or yen, whatever it is we will be on then.
I don't think that is a thing... I know my truck didn't come with one and there's no mention anywhere on my sticker of one.
I would imagine it would look like those tool bags, that come with Jet-Ski's

A few stamped wrenches, a sparkplug socket, and a screwdriver without a handle, that you turn with one of the stamped wrenches. :ROFLMAO:
I'm pretty sure the tool kits were for middle eastern countries only. No idea why, cause I'd have taken one if it was an option!