Tire rotation

How will you rotate the tires on your TRX

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Just curious if people plan on rotating all 5 tires since they have matching rims...or if they plan on just leaving the spare up unless needed/
When I rotate my tires at home I use the spare instead of jack stands, This truck having a matching spare just makes the process take one less step and adding in the 5th tire increases the total tread life by 20% so I'm all for it.
And both of you are right...which is the debate that I am having in my head right now. Tires are not cheap, and a spare usually (hopefully) don't get used...so if I can use up most of the spare, then the mostly spent tire isn't a "waste" when I trade it in LOL
Tires age, even if not used. Having a full sized high $ spare introduces new options to consider. I’m thinking I’ll keep it under the truck and use it with 3 new tires the first time they need replacing.
My 2500 came with the front end out of alignment and screwed up the front tires before I rotated them. I’m thinking I’ll get the alignment checked shortly after getting the truck. Could be $ well spent.

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