The price of living in Paradise and driving the baddest truck on the planet!

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Dec 9, 2021
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Well I’m guessing the price of gas is just a little bit higher than most of ya’all here in beautiful San Diego.

I have to say beautiful San Diego to help dull the pain of Biden’s stupid fucking decision making, is he really going to deplete the strategic reserves now from almost nothing to nothing to help get him reelected?

All while China, or Russia or even North Kore a real threat of war, and are we going to be left with no reserves, freaking unbelievable, now I’m ranting.
Ouch, that is pretty high we are at 3.84 right now thats a difference of 2.65... or in other words the difference in gas prices is more than what i was paying per gallon a few years ago. Could really use a mean tweet right about now.
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6.70 up in Big Bear
Out of 40 million people in California only 2.7 million voted
First world problems no one cares about exp pay to play and we're lucky to be in a position to do just that....damn mission Beach in the 90s on vacation with my buddy still gives me the worlds tiniest pants tent...area is awesome...gawd the women there..In in New Hampshire...yup they don't look like that here, exp my wife...anyhoo..... damn mountain...only shit...did not know that...geez..hopefully this nightmare is over soon..this mask is already giving me a rash!
Much of that isn't Biden. It was Pete Wilson, a Republican, in 1992 with the wise idea to mandate oxygenates in gasoline. This makes California blends proprietary to the state, and prevents import from other states when production is affected by refineries going offline.

Biden hasn't helped, but his contributions have affected all states. It just looks worse in California because gas prices are already ridiculous.
If San Diego is paradise, I don't want to go there. San Marcos is far more "paradise" than San Diego.
The reason the gas price is so high is because you Caliassholes keep shipping your jobs and constituents to TX so your state needs to make revenue somehow.

Yes, I know that’s not completely true but I like blaming CA for everything. And Caliassholes just sounded funny in my head. 🤣😂
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