Sometimes it's good to go back to the beginning!


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May 8, 2021
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Well it is a TRX forum, right? :)
Now obviously this has been posted before. But I thought that it would be a good refresher to show us what was, and how far we've come unfortunately. And how making the right decisions on some things that are coming up in the near future, are so important for us Gearheads who love horsepower!🇺🇲

And for all you new TRX owners, you get to watch this and enjoy what we from the beginning have enjoyed.

Soak it in. And realize what you have is very very unique...👍
I didn’t realize that we had a longer wheelbase.

Thanks for sharing. I’m surprised I never watched this before.
I thank the crazy engineers at Ram everyday for getting this hellcat engine in a full sized truck! It’s one of two of the most badass full size trucks on the planet (the R being the other- let’s give credit). Bought the 22 at the perfect time before the prices went insane.
Thanks ! I to have never seen this video. Makes me want to buy another one!! Of course that would be after my divorce! 🇺🇸🤣
I watched this live, I wanted this truck since the idea of it back in 2016 and watched the progress happen over the years. With the pleasant surprise of the 702hp. The concept was only around 550ish or so.
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Watched live as well... it was surreal.
Immagine Tim Kuniskis unveiling it instead of Kowal... it would have been legendary
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I am butthurt that they didn't release one in F8 green.
I would prefer the knob and center console storage over the "shifter".
I am a little bummed they couldn't work in a Rambox somehow.

Everything else is fucking awesome about this truck.
This was so awesome! We are a part of history just like our gearhead ancestors who owned brand new, (or slightly used), muscle cars back in the 60's and 70's.

What a time to be alive! (Especially if we grew up in the anemic low HP 70's and 80's) :p

I've been a fan since:
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