SHAP unrest?


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Jul 8, 2020
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Those are tough hours but 26 weeks off a year is a motivator if I read that correctly
Yeah I think that is the case too.. what i found interesting is they (some... not sure how many) didn't realize it was in their contract. Seems as an overall interesting math exercise to get the same if not more hours of production without overtime pay, approx 104more hours per worker on a 2080 work year. (40x52). There are all sorts of other details I dont know so the above is probably a huge over generalization too
I worked for a union construction company, years ago. We would often do 7/12 shut-down work and 7/12 with a week off in between is not what I would consider abusive. 7/12 becomes counter-productive, over time, but not 1 week, more like 3. Now the straight time pay for the full shift is something entirely different. Not sure how that was ever agreed upon.
It's always something with the UAW SMH.

But I would bet they wouldn't have a problem working the 12/7 if they got overtime like the Dearborn plant.
In our industry we have 12x7 broken a little different but it has been working without a hitch for years. The workers do work a few more hours, but they also get more breaks and more importantly more free time as the schedule is condenses and the typical 4.3 week month, they work 2.15 weeks and have the other half free. Now if they were not aware that the union committed to this on their behalf this is the real issue that should be investigated!

Dang I didn't know it was 12x7. Hopefully they get it sorted out. That's a heck of an ask each week they have to work.
My first job as a Pharmacist before I transitioned into drug research was working at walgreens as the overnight pharmacist and the schedule was 7 on 7 off 11.5 hour nights...From personal experience I loved that schedule and wish I could work it again. It took some adjustment and by the 6th and 7th day I was defiantly ready for a break but getting an entire week off was more than worth it. Plus I got 160 hours a year of vacation (4 regular weeks per year like everyone else) so twice a year I would take a full 7 days off and get 2 3 week vacations per year on top of my week long "vacation" every other week.

This seems like people bitching about it on paper as they are "outraged" they have to work 7 in a row but haven't actually thought about the freedom that you get from getting 7 days in a row off every other week and once they start working it they will soon realize they don't want to go back to the old way of 5 8 hour days.

All that being said union workers like to strike and probably know they hold some extra power currently as production on their Halo vehicle is supposed to start tomorrow, but its not like we all can go out and buy the ford or chevy version of the TRX that has over 700 HP instead so FCA still hold most of the cards and this might cause some huge delays if they don't come to an agreement
My guess is that the anger is coming from the fact that Ford has a similar arrangement but the workers are getting 1.5x rate after 8 hours, which is a typical union standard.
LOL wow. Go work in the oil field. It's always at least a 12 hour day. Sometimes might be 1.5 hours or more before you even get to location so 15+ hours a day. Usually 14 days on 7 off but I've done 21 on 7 off too. I bet they cry about their "15 minute break" too!