Rumor: Dealers are notified on RAM TRX Allocations


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Dec 10, 2019
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The latest rumor circling the internets today is RAM is notifying dealers about their future RAM TRX allocations. Of couple of notable posts on facebook suggest otherwise though.

From Steven - I called two dealerships, Sterling (where Joe Sheila Clement works) and Parkway, both near me and they both said the same thing, something to the effect that the TRX is not yet scheduled in Dealer Connect. Both dealerships had management meetings underway and the sales staff had not yet been told anything from management about the TRX.

From Brett - I just came from my local dealer. They had no knowledge of the TRX. They didn’t even know it was gonna be produced. But, I’m first on the list now.


From Daniel - Yup. I’ve gotten two rebels from a local dealer. Got call Wednesday if I would like to be put on a list for the TRX. They didn’t give me a price just asked for a $1000 refundable deposit if my name gets selected. Bet these fuckers are going to be asking like 15-20k in Mark up. So Im like no im good.

Be sure to let us know what you find out from your local dealer.
Called my dealer in southern Illinois and they had seen rumors online but haven’t been notified at all by FCA that they TRX will be produced at all
I’ve checked a couple of SOCAL dealers and they are all clueless. We’ll see what happens after the reveal in June.

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