Red TRX is in paint!

So did you give up on getting a different TRX? Or was that thread you started just out of frustration? Btw, I ordered red and I hope lots of reds are on the way!
At this point knowing I’m not stuck in perpetual D or D1 I’ll pry hold off. I guess if one randomly became available I might buy it to stick in storage as a collector piece. I think these trucks might be worth something someday.
Dealer called me today. My red TRX is in paint. Hopefully that means there’s a bunch more red coming too!
Hopefully my red is going to follow soon. D status purgatory at the moment. Congrats tho. look forward to seeing pics when your truck gets here.
My flame Red went into D1 status on Friday so I think this coming week will be alot of red!
Congrats... looks like there will be a lot of happy members this coming week.