Raptor... oh my, TRX oh my, Hummer?


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Jan 29, 2021
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What a great time for car enthusiast. About a decade ago Ford brought us the Raptor, then this year RAM brings us a Raptor killer in the TRX.... So Ford will (maybe) answer the challenge today in a few hours. I hope its a monstrous V8 that puts out 750hp and does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.... then we will see how RAM responds,,, and they will

So what about GM? Well they do have a competitor in the race with the HUMMER. IMO they should have not named it that. That was a marketing blunder..... but they can recover and reenter this race. As my wife and I were making breakfast this morning, she had a brilliant idea for GM:

Create a video for online distribution that goes like this: The RAM intro video starts with the "mr sandman"
song in the background, then the Ford Raptor comes in with its truck racing (Enter sandman starts playing)
up besides the Ram. Both trucks passing and darting in front of each other. Then you see a meteorite coming down from the sky, a huge explosion when the meteorite hits, then as the smoke clears both the Raptor and TRX are broken into pieces and scattered across the desert... and then the Hummer drives out of the crater with some five finger death punch

I don't really care who "wins" in this competition.... I just love the competition. RAM and Ford will hopefully be in a competition that I look at as the 2020 Bama team against the 2019 LSU team. Two unbeatable going at it! Now GM needs to get into the game and bring their own smack!