RAM TRX vs Tesla CyberTruck


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Dec 10, 2019
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(RAM TRX and CyberTruck concept photos above)

How do you think the RAM TRX will stack up against the Tesla CyberTruck. Is that even a fair comparison? Is anyone considering the CyberTruck?
At this point, even though unproven, i would go with the Rivian before the Cybertruck. Maybe it will grow on me when i see it in person, but the Cybertruck reminds me more of an SUV or Jeep vs a truck.
I’m actually someone that uses their Jeep(s) off-road and plan to do the same with the TRX. I’m also sure solid state trucks/SUVs will eventually replace our analog fuel burners, but until there is plentiful and quick recharging stations and repair facilities, electrified off-roaders will be a niche for at least a few more years.

Look to the side-by-side market to shine a bright path for solid state solutions first. Until then, the Tesla/Rivian/GM/Ford “trucks” will be used mainly around town and work commuting. Hate to get stuck out in the woods and pay a $5k towing bill because my charge didn’t get me back, but again, that’s just me.
Agree. Plus it needs to sound like a truck. A deep throated roar that settles into soft growl is what the Hellcats’ Big Brother should be all about.
How do electric trucks perform when fording water?
They don’t - at all.
When portions of the Lodge freeway in or near Detroit flooded out a year or two ago, every electric car that tried to wade through the three feet of water died. Electric vehicles do not perform well in cold weather, mountainous regions with long inclines, towing, or even moderate water depths. They have their place - flat southern cities not near flood plains are their preferred use cases.
The Tesla truck looks like a truck version of the Delorean...without the time travel option.

Petrol Power for the Win!
Hummer ev truck unveils on the 20th .. I may order one of those as well .. 1000hp 0-60 3 secs lol
I’ve considered one. They have different use cases. The cyber truck is an around towner family hauler for your kids and gear. Go fast. Look different. Stay on or near the grid. Both have their place, but I don’t see them as direct competitors. I may end up with one of each (or a rivian or other electric truck down the line), but I don’t see it replacing an actual truck for a while. Needs better range, faster charging, better towing before it can really replace a truck for truck tasks.
I have to say i don’t like the Tesla design at all.... The Rivian looks much better, if I would ever consider an EV truck which I am not. I get the EV revolution and all..... but what is everyone going to do with the toxic depleted batteries. Can we all say landfill pollution. Hopefully someone will come up with a solution as this is definitely the way of the future...
I agree 100% about the battery issue. Batteries certainly last much longer than they used to, but I very much remember my professors stating, when I started in engineering school, that the way forward is not a better battery but rather an energy source that is superior to battery power and fossil fuel. I know that the batteries on the ISS are not seeing near the degradation that was originally anticipated, but I do not know how that technology compares with what is being used by the likes of Tesla and other manufacturers. I do believe that we need something better and with more longevity than gasoline or diesel, but I am not sure if we are quite there yet. In the mean time, at least we get to have a 702hp monster truck!
I want an EV but these expensive prices 70k+ price tags for all the EV trucks coming out is getting ridiculous. Prices on vehicles in general are getting ridiculous but for the limited range, where you can charge, and how long you have to sit around waiting for a charge it's kind of hard for me justify one. And can't imaging the horrible range when you got to tow a trailer. At least with my 87k TRX I can tow a decent trailer and fill up in 5 minutes.

The Cybertruck might be one I would consider only because a base model is 40k and everyone else is literally in the 70k range.
In line with most guys here, I just don't like Tesla's design language. I'm actually getting my wife a model 3 as she wants an electric car and her usage is mostly a town car runabout.
The Rivian looks good, other then those headlights.
And of course the TRX looks spot on.
Yeah... “ Give me the TRX or give me Death” or something like that..
I was somewhat open to the idea of getting an electric truck but then I saw the Tesla truck I was like "Hell No!". I think it is absolutely atrocious looking. New and revolutionary isn't always better. Price point and specs are good tho and other manufacturers were more appealing. I am not sure I could have ever actually pulled the trigger on one for many of the other issues people have mentioned above but when I saw it, there was no way I was going to be driving that thing. Once I saw the TRX, I knew we were meant to be together.