Price of the RAM TRX?


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Dec 10, 2019
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What kinda price tag do you think we'll see on the RAM TRX? $70,000-$80,000 ?
More like 75,000, the price of a normal hellcat plus a bit for the bigger size.
If they can keep it in the $70,000 range it will sell. If they go Trackhawk prices they will sit on the lot.
If it stays kind of in that range, I am planning on selling my rebel and getting the trx
Never owned a ram but the Hellcat May change everything. Search for info daily, glad to find this forum
I think we are all a little low on speculations. im hoping to see more than a couple of options but I think when fully optioned the price tag will break 80K.
Probably, but maybe you'll be able to get a stripped down version for 70k?
MoperInsiders have recently suggested we'll see a competitive $70,000 price tag. Now let's just hope dealers don't market 'em up another $10-$15k. This happened when the 2nd gen Raptor was released.
Since the virus is slowing down demand, maybe we'll even see dealer cuts?
My guess is the $65k-$70k range to start, over $80k well equipped, maxed out near $90k.
My thoughts...…..
MSRP at 56k I see there will be at least two HP levels.
56k to 70k for base model at around 525 to 550hp with several trim options.
80k + for supercharged model with 707hp. Various trim options.
Here is to hoping it doesn't go that high :) I'm hoping they use this as an opportunity to stick it to the Raptor with the higher HP version. Raptor maxes at about 75k I think.
? For a 55-60K base MSRP. Might be wishful thinking but a man can hope.

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