Possibility of more colors for TRX


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Oct 3, 2020
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Hello all,

I was wondering if there is any rumors or possible information about other colors coming on the TRX in the next year or so. The custom colors like the Viper had would be awesome, but doubtful they would happen.
Adding more colors seems like it would be an easy thing for Ram to add once production ramps up.
Fingers crossed for a Maximum Steel option.
Love that color.
nowadays with auto wraps -- no color is missing - and you can change it back!! this was the main reason i passed up the launch package
Ram doesn't have a lot of colors to choose from when you look at the other 1500's. And it wont make sense next year if the "halo" truck doesn't have more colors and the "halo" hellcats have 13

If they had hellcat colors, it would be tough one for me between hellraisin and F8 green.
I haven't seen Olive Green in person, but I'm kinda digging it on the power wagon.


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