Please explain Launch Control


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Please explain Launch Control to me. It's like a 4 wheel power brake that holds until a designated RPM?
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I am sure RAM will be putting out YouTube videos on their YouTube channel as we get closer to them rolling off the assembly line.
It's junk in the Hellcat hopefully Ram stepped it up in the TRX!
No mechanical device or software can overcome basic physics. Launch control is basically software trickery used to manage wheel spin. Most magazine tests I've seen, an experienced racer or test driver can get better times without launch control....everything else being equal.
Tried it once in my Hellcat, never tried it again....
Launch control in an AWD vehicle is much better than a 2WD.... my current car feels like I am being launched from an aircraft carrier with AWD....I never liked launch controls before....
The new GT500 launch control is impressive hopefully dodge took notes. Launch control is useless in my 16 hellcat challenger. 950ish WHP now but even stock it was junk.
I'm resurrecting an older thread, but this is where I'm at.

I finally hit the break-in point today, where launch control is now available/active.

Anyway, as I'm sure you can appreciate, I was eager to try it out. I stopped on dry asphalt, put into sport mode, activated LC, followed the on-screen instructions (apply brake pressure, followed by full throttle) to which the vehicle started rolling immediately and caused LC to be canceled. The same thing happened three times, back-to-back. On the fourth try, the brakes finally held and the rpm climbed quite high (well over 3k) and the message on the screen hadn't Changed (apply full throttle). Not having used LC before, I wasn't sure what I should expect. I was expecting the message to tell me to let off the brakes, but it didn't, therefore, I did, because how long was I supposed to wait with the pedal mashed to the floor? As soon as I let off the brake, the message indicated that LC was canceled because of vehicle movement, or vehicle moving too fast (something to that effect). I tried it again, but this time I activated LC via the race page so that I could see the RPM setting. It was set at 2,500. Once again, the RPM exceeded 3k, and then the engine power was reduced to almost idle while still mashing the pedal. so, I let off the throttle and repeated the process. I ended up doing it two or three more times before it kind of worked. On the last attempt, I went full throttle and simply let off the brake about a second into it, but the message never said to let off the brake and I didn't notice where the RPM peaked, because I was preoccupied with timing it right, rather than waiting for the next message to come up. It launched hard and fast, and it was impressive, but I'm not convinced that it launched as intended. From the above video, I should apply the brake, apply full throttle and watch the RPM climb to the selected RPM (2,500 in this case) and it should hold steady, followed by a message telling me to release the brake. That never happened. Any idea what's going on?
What pressure was the brakes reading?
What pressure was the brakes reading?
I don't recall, but during the first attempt I had slowly applied pressure until the message switched to 'full throttle', and I figure the pedal was 3/4 of the way. On the second and third attempts, I bottomed out the brake pedal and it still rolled. On all other attempts I made full brake applications. I didn't bother paying attention to the pressure because it was holding after the third try.
Also, I just watched another video of LC with a TRX and the rpm was set to 1,400. Now, I don't know if that was the default setting or whether it was personalized by that owner/driver. Mine is at 2,400 or 2,500 and I never adjusted anything. I assumed it was the default setting, but now I'm starting to wonder if someone from the dealer changed it during PDI because of the 1,400 launch I watched. Which might explain why the brakes had difficulty holding. 1,400 doesn't seem all that high, though.
If I remember correctly, and that’s a big if..... you need to stomp the hell out of the brake.
As in multiple times, like pumping/priming them?
No, as in stand on it. Try setting the revs at 2K and adjust from there. You need at least 1200 on the pressure read out for the brakes.
No, as in stand on it. Try setting the revs at 2K and adjust from there. You need at least 1200 on the pressure read out for the brakes.
I'll try lowering the RPM in increments. Do you know What the default/recommended RPM is? I'll take note of the brake pressure next time. See what I achieve at full application .