Picked mine up yesterday!


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Jul 4, 2020
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Temecula, CA
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VIN 1099 has finally made its way to its final resting place, my home.
more pics later...
This truck is amazing, I can’t wait to get through this break in period and start to have fun in it.
any leaks, squeaks, lost screws, or frayed USB cables to note?
Well, by the time I picked it up and since I have had it all is good. However Dealer did call after t was unloaded from truck and stated it was damaged, dent on lower rail just under right passenger door. He stated it was small, about the size of your fingertip, but because of location not sure what the repair would consist of and if it would involve drilling and painting. He was calling to get my input, which I respected vs fixing it and hiding the fact that it occurred. ultimately it was fixed before I picked up the truck and even knowing what general area to look at I can not find where the damage was. Side note, the damage had to have occurred at the factory before or as the running boards were being put on. Someone then made the discussion to send it out as is 😢 Dealer took care of it and I am happy.
Happy to see one good post about a truck working the way it should.

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