Paid Emissions Test by FCA, $1500.


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May 4, 2023
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Laguna Hills, CA.
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Hi everyone, first post here. Did anyone else get a letter in the mail from FCA and a testing company offering to test your TRX for $1500? 3 to 6 weeks plus 100mi on it with some being dyno time. Get a free tank of gas and wash and another tank and a free rental for that time. I said hell no to some hack romping on my rig.
I did but mine was $2k. Sent three letters already. Exactly as you said....they can pound sand
Cool to hear. It sounded legit, but no thanks unless for maybe a Stage Kit with full warranty?
Oh yeah, you will drop off the truck.....they will give you a bogus check for $1500 AND you will never see your truck again. Sounds like the TRX thieves have gotten smarter and now want the OWNERS to bring the trucks to them ! Sounds like how the police used to round up the criminals.....offer them free Blu Ray player and when they showed up to collect, they got arrested ! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
I got a few similar letters for the Challenger Redeye but none for the TRX yet. Wonder how many people have turned over their vehicle for this “test”.
Damn I didn't even think of the theft angle. Good thing I'm paranoid in other ways. Haha.
That sound so sketchy. And no I haven’t received the letter. If I had, I would’ve immediately shredded it.

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