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Dec 10, 2019
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We have a wonderfully diverse community with members of all ages, all sexes, all heritages, backgrounds, and nationalities. As such they all share different sensibilities, different humor, and different opinions about every aspect of life. This leads to a thriving community but can also lead to a lot of friction and drama, which we do not want. Friction is always going to happen in a forum environment, we just want to minimize it and keep this a community a fun a jovial one.

At its core, this is an automotive forum specific to the Ram TRX. This is always going to be the focus and priority of this site. It is for people to find and exchange ideas and information about the truck, to share builds, to share adventures, to share their overall experience of ownership or potential ownership. Beyond that, it is a place we want people to have fun, be able to talk about other interests, and other aspects of their life, not as a substitute to the TRX discussions, but as a complement.

We are formalizing two rules that are now applicable throughout the entire forum so that the culture of this forum stays positive. It is important that you buy into them or else there is no amount of staff action that will make a difference. We can not emphasize this enough: This is YOUR forum, it is the members of this community that will make of it what it will be, if you care enough to protect it it will thrive. Staff will do their part, but they can’t do it without your help.

We know full well that there’s nothing that will drain the life out of forum more than over-moderation. This is the reason behind this communication. It is our responsibility to the community to make clear what isn’t acceptable and what the consequences are for breaking the few rules we have so that there is no confusion. It is is our hope that this clarity will lead to a lot less intervention from staff and they can just disappear into the background and you never even know they’re here. They are members just like yourself who joined this forum because of their interest in the TRX, and we want them to continue to participate here without running around putting out fires all day long.

Finally, it is obvious that there are very few staff members and they can’t nor wish to read every post in every thread. This means that they can’t do this without your support. If you see something that is a breach of the rules please alert the post. We know it may feel uncomfortable to do so but that’s the only way staff can know that it’s happening other than if they stumble into that post by happenstance.

With all that said, and in addition to the Terms and Rules you agreed to upon registration:

1. No politics in any part of the forum.
This isn’t a complicated rule and it is one that we enforce aggressively. Don’t talk about politics, don’t refer to politics, no political memes, just don’t do it. There are others places you can have these conversations, they are called the entirety of the rest of the internet, but they will not be had here. I know this is hard for some of you to adhere to, or to even understand why this is so important to the ownership of this community. But that’s how it’s going to be. If you can’t help yourself, then we will have to take action. If you see someone else post political content, please do not respond in kind, just alert the post to staff and we will take care of it. We can’t emphasize this enough, if you respond, action will be taken against you as well even if you’re the one that alerted the post. All of this is to say one more time: no politics of any kind on

2. No inappropriate sexual content. We understand that ‘inappropriate’ is a subjective term. The easiest way to explain our definition is that this site is SFW with no exceptions. Don’t post porn (even if blurred out), no nudity, don’t post images of degrading behavior, etc. We’re not going to go through a list of all the things that can and can’t be posted. We’re not prudes but we want female members of the forum to participate without being demeaned by other members. This another vital rule of this forum that will be aggressively enforced. Please alert us if you see inappropriate posts.

Should anyone have difficulty adhering to these rules and the ones outlined in the Terms and Rules, this is the moderation protocol staff will follow. Again, we are being transparent upfront so that everyone is informed and no one feels that different members are getting any type of preferential treatment:

Here, you will find a list of levels of offenses and what happens when you get to each stage:

1st offense: Content removal with a short note as to why action was taken against you. 1 warning point.

2nd offense: Content removal with a short note as to why action was taken against you. 1 warning point.

3rd offense: Content removal with a short note as to why action was taken against you. You may or may not also be contacted by a moderator to remind you how close you are to more severe action. 1 warning point.

4th offense: 7 day temporary ban. 1 warning point.

5th offense: 1 month temporary ban. 1 warning point.

Final offense: Permanent ban.

Depending on how severe the offense was, staff reserves the right to bypass any of the above steps and take action commensurate with the transgression.

We think you agree that this is a reasonable approach that leans on the side of giving members many opportunities before aggressive action is taken against them. The last thing we want to do is ban anyone, and hopefully the above system avoids us having to do that but in the most extreme of situations. Staff will work with any member to make sure they have the opportunity to be a part of this community, but they will also not hesitate to do what is required to protect it. Someone would have to try really hard to get themselves to the point that any significant action is taken against them, or they are avoiding the rules of the forum intentionally .
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