New Build Dates?


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Jan 20, 2021
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Hello! First of all. Thank you to all the admins on this site who have dedicated so much time into keeping us updated when our dealers cant get us any information. You all are doing amazing work!

I did have a question about the new build dates update. My VIN is #2883 TR2, Flame Red with an original order date of 8/31/20 in Florida.

Is the merger affecting these tentative build dates you are getting from your sources? I have been really concerned given the reported part shortage for TR2 packages and im stuck in D status....along with alot of others.....

I saw the new build date estimated will be given out 2/3. Will you be updating them periodically throughout the week as you receive them??? or should I check back there 2/3 for a status update. What is the process of how you receive these build dates? How is the merger affecting this flow of information from your sources?

Thanks so much!