New 2021 1500 Features


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Sep 8, 2020
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This is a video walkthrough of a new 2021 1500 Fully Loaded Limited....While it is not the TRX it does show some of the new features the TRX has like the off road pitch and roll sensors HUD and rear view mirror camera in action
76k is insane pricing for fully loaded lol. He obviously aint seen a fully loaded TRX...
No bed camera?
Guy backed out; haha. Probably to order the TRX.
Pretty confident that our TRX’s will hold their value given how $$$ the 2021’s are.
Initially, maybe. The LE editions could be like the Demon and hold value. I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple at the Barrett-Jackson auction, in January, sell for big $. However, I expect the regular TRX to be like the Hellcats.....white hot for a while but then cool as supply increases and relative deals to be had. Very few assembly line vehicles hold their value for long.
I was not trying to come-off as being argumentative. Just a fact that assembly line cars simply don't appreciate, at least not initially. I bought a 2001 Mustang Bullitt, which actually had unique parts not found on other Mustangs, thinking it would at least hold more value than most. Oh how wrong I was. In 3 years they were trading the same as a regular Mustang GT. Now, if you can find one today, in pristine condition, you might get 1/2 your money back...LOL. It was not a brutally fast car but it was quick and sounded great.
Guy backed out; haha. Probably to order the TRX.
Can you blame him I don't know anyone who would compare a regular 1500 at $76k and a TRX with the Level 2 group for $79k and go with the limited........The fact the fully loaded 2021 1500s are priced that high means they will have to be offering them at DEEEEP discounts once there are TRXs on the lot to compare it to in order to move that tiny 5.7