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Sep 10, 2020
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Waco Ga
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I joined and jumped straight into research without the introduction. I'm Ron from the Waco Ga area. I bought my first new Dodge truck, a 1978 L'il Red Express Truck. What a blast it was to have that truck at 17. When I saw the Dodge TRX roll out video, they mentioned that truck being the fastest of that year and it brought back some great memories. That's what the Mopar78 username and tag relates to. I've been driving Dodge/Ram trucks every since. As I get closer to retirement, I thought how fitting it would be to buy my last Fastest Mopar, the TRX. I'm hopeful that I can get my hands on one.

This is a awesome site filled with some great information! Thanks to those who had the fore site to put this together!

Ron AKA Mopar78
Appreciate your story and how vehicles can connect with us throughout our lives. I’m 40 years old. Never owned a truck but had always planned on it. I’m 6’4”, 300lbs so I assume I’ll fit in most trucks better than all the sedans I’ve always driven. My father, who passed away last Dec, always had and loved horsepower/fast vehicles. He got a hellcat charger first. Then my brother got a hellcat challenger. Then my other brother got a challenger redeye. So it seems like the TRX has come around at the perfect time in my life. I get the truck I always wanted and get to share in the experience of these awesome motors with the rest of my family. Just wish my dad was still around to take for a ride. Again, thanks and welcome to the forum.

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