Maintenance costs?


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Oct 4, 2020
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Do we have any idea what maintenance costs/plans will look like for this thing? My truck is due to land next week and I'm having the paperwork overnighted to make sure delivery is smooth. Would love to hear from HC/Trackhawk owners as to how the motor holds up and what it asks for after a few years of work. Also, if anyone that already took delivery is aware of the maintenance plans that were offered in finance it would be great to hear from y'all.
driveway oil changes every 5k miles
Diff oil every 10k if you spend time under water/offroad/towing
brakes every 12-30k dependent on driving style (no track/race usage)
air filter(s) every 6 months(yes i will be that anal)

same with my hellcat and my PW and my Jeeps..

long term maintenance is up in the air. some people will do at 25k miles what some do at 100k....
spark plugs, belts, alt, battery, coolant system....these things can be unpredictable. Be vigilant and drive hard!
The little guy that lives behind the dashboard tells me when to take it in.

Fwiw I’ve put 50k miles on the GC trailhawk in two years and all the services to date have been free. I’m sure it’ll be the same with the trx.