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Jun 13, 2020
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SouthEast Michigan
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Once you have your TRX, where do you plan to take it to unleash its off-road prowess?
Also, how far are you willing to travel to try out various off-road venues?

In Michigan, Silver Lake Sand Dunes will be a popular spot.
Where else, all across the country, will your TRX plan to go?
I can certainly envision a Moab meet up sometime in the future. It would be awesome to see a couple of well organized TRX only events.
I can see the TRX having some organized events fairly quickly. Both dealer sponsored (like Land Rover) and by forums and individuals. A Moab trip would be a must do, how about a winter off-road trip? Or a Baja1000 watch party......along the route. I’ve been part of quite a few Raptor events, and have some great ideas on similar events for the TRX crowd.
I have tons of options near SOCAL. The first couple trips will be to some ORV trails where me and my boys go motorcycle riding. After that, Joshua Tree, Ocotillo Wells and hopefully a trip to MOAB when it has some miles on it.
Lots of great options. Baja watch party is the most interesting to me. What’s the thought of Moab? I crawl a Toyota there on occasion and rarely do you see anything full size on the trails. Mostly it’s sxs nowadays.
Check these out

ive personally wheeled with a full-size Hummer H1, and yes you need to be careful and pick the right trails. But it’s totally doable. There are also some “dunes” in Moab......nothing like Silver Lake or Pismo of course.

we might need to register “RamTRXMoab.com” or something LOL
That’s cool. I’ve seen full size rigs as some trails are possible as you mention. Just as on a narrow mtn 4x4 trail, a skinny vehicle can pick a line while a wider vehicle often has no choice but to stay trail centered. On the Interstate heading to Moab sometimes I’ll see bashed up old Blazers with 40’s heading that way that look fun. Once I was crawling there and a Unimog club came through, it was very impressive. This reminds me that on Black Bear Pass in CO a jeep often seems to be a tight fit with its steep drop offs and sheer cliff walls, then I saw an old suburban do it once..wild stuff.

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