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Jan 5, 2021
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OK, a bit misleading but I mean once you picked it up at the dealer did your TRX have extra miles on it? Did someone take it for a Joy Ride? Mine had 16 miles on it when I picked it up which seems normal to me.

So, how many miles did it have on it when you picked it up?

I had 12 on mine. I specifically asked my dealer not to have anyone drive it, no way to know if they did or not.
The one I tried to buy off the lot before learning of the ridiculous ADM had 33 miles on it, I was told “no test drives” so I’m assuming someone took it for a beat run.
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Mine had 11 when it was unloaded off the truck (I was there to see it unloaded). Dealer drove it 6 miles during the PDI, so I signed papers with 17 miles. This is what many others have reported (11-12). I believe this is about average for the miles that RAM drives the truck during production. If you didn't pick any Mopar accessories, the truck will come in with less miles because Ram drives the truck from one plant to the other and back. Assuming if you were one of the trucks that got moved to a storage lot waiting on electronics then you will also have extra mileage that was all pre-dealer miles
I was at the dealership when it arrived on the truck. 10 miles on it. Mechanic checked it out and my brother(my salesman) and I took it for the test drive. I let my brother drive, knowing he may not get the opportunity again.

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