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Dec 3, 2023
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Orlando, Florida
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23' TRX
Hey guys, my name is Ryan, I live in Orlando Florida, and I currently own a 2023 Ram TRX in Diamond Black which I purchased new in May of 23'. Prior to this I had a 2020 Camaro ZL1, a 2016 Ram Rebel, and a 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn before that. Ive been reading through threads on this forum quite a bit recently. I just purchased a ton of new accessories for the TRX that I should have installed in the coming month. I'll leave a list of parts etc. below that I have coming and what I've already done to the truck. Excited to be a part of the forum and discuss topics with fellow TRX owners. I have an instagram that I'll be pretty active on in the coming months as I continue to install new parts and get better content to post. Id really appreciate the follow, its PhantomTRX on instagram.

Already Installed:
- Ceramic Tint 15% all around, 30% on windshield.
- Corsa Extreme Catback

Parts Ordered:
- Tazer DT
- AFE Power Momentum GT CAI
- (x6) Method 305 NV Double Black (18x9, -12 offset)
- (x6) Toyo MT 37x13.5xr18
- ADD Phantom Front Bumper
- (x2) Rigid Radiance+ RGBW 10" Light Bar
- Rigid Radiance+ RGBW 20" Light Bar
- ADD Race Series Chase Rack
- Eibach Pro Lift (2.7" Front 1.5" Rear)
- EVIL Offroad Dual Vertical Tire Carrier (w/ quick release)
- (x2) Alpine Double Eagle Straps


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I plan to use the anti-theft features of the Tazer to prevent any theft issues.
You may want to read some of the threads on here regarding the various systems. Some claim the Tazer is not designed as a true anti-theft system. I personally am not familiar with the capabilities of the Tazer anti-theft features but just passing along info I have seen on here. It may be just fine.
Welcome to the forum @phantomtrx 🍻

Great photos, be sure to check out the Monthly photo contest:
I would be putting IGLA or RAVELCO to the top of that list my friend or you'll have lots of parts to return/sell and no truck to put them on. It's not a matter of if it will be taken but when.
Solid list! should be a badass truck
Nice looking rig and welcome to the forum!! Enjoy!
Get security for sure. Don't rely on Tazer as a stand alone!

Truck is looking sick tho, can't wait to see the build as you continue the journey!
Welcome. Can't wait to see the build. If you need any lighting, Pro Eagle Jacks or soon ADS Suspension, let us know.

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