If you could have any 4 cars in your garage, money being no object what would they be?

ACR-E Viper
Koenisegg Jesko
here is what I have now for my stable right now

21’ mercedes GLS63
21’ 992 Turbo S cab black on black
22’ 992 GT3 Shark Blue
22’ McLaren 765lt (selling, it’s just too much for the street)
21’ TRX build in progress, completely redoing this one. Built motor getting swapped out now
That’s an awesome stable. I’m looking to trade my GT350 for a 991.1 or 991.2 GT3. Can you post pics of your GT3 and McLaren?
I'm happy with what I got.

TRX as my DD
Cayenne hybrid for wife (she goes less than 20 miles 99% of the time so with the electric we figured it gets about 500 mpg, lol)
991.2 GT3 Touring with manual gearbox (for hardcore back road driving)
458 Spider (for longer multi-day cruises on interesting mountain roads)
OK here is my list;
1. TRX as my daily just because I love it.
2. Rimac Nevera for the speed thrill and wow factor
3. Lamborghini Uris for the wife
4. And an EarthRoamer for our off grid fun
If I thought about it more I'm sure my list would be different, but off the top of my head that's the list.
Oh, You could through in a Jetson One for the toy too if you please....

1. 1969 Camaro Hardtop Yenko
2. 1967 Mustang Shelby GT500
3. 2023 Demon 170
4. 2023 Ferrari Super Fast 812

Runner up…
2020 Pagani Zonda Barchetta
2022 Bugatti La Voiture Noire
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-72 plymouth barracuda resto mod with heliphant ….I would take it in red, black, purple or hemi orange
-23 Vette Z06
-my TRX still makes my list
-Durango HC
Close to mine.

69 camaro restomod or 66-67 chevelle restomod lsa 6-spd
Trx as the truck
23 z06 vette
2023 911 gt3 or turbo as my daily. (Money no object to maintain too right?)
I want 4 yogo's but they have to be different colors so i get some verity