I had IGLA for 5 Days. What you should know before installing.

I'm in Houston Texas. It's finding a dealer that has completed the install on GMC 2500 diesel trucks. Very limited number of installers in this area.
Contact Jesh Jesty at Sound Evolution in Houston. He has done 1500 and 2500’s up to 2024.


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IGLA is a fantastic alarm system that is very secure. It also fundamentally alters the way you start your truck. You should know the trade-offs before deciding to opt for it.

I had IGLA installed for 4 days before I decided I didn't really like it. Here's the problem: I make lots of small trips to different sites in my truck. It's my DD. I probably start it, on average, 6 times a day. Sometimes up to 10. That's just life and I enjoy the hell out of driving the TRX. When I start my truck I jump in, press the red button, buckle my seatbelt, and go. IGLA kills that ability. Now it's not that big a hassle either. It's about a 10 second commitment at every startup. But imagine running through your day at full speed and then someone puts the brakes on for an all stop for 10 seconds. It's not life-changing, but it's annoying. And it's due to something you decided to install.

So when you start your truck with IGLA you first have to wait for the gauges to "sweep" before you enter your PIN. Then enter your PIN. Then you you get the double hazard light blink that it was accepted, and now you're ready to go. Again, approximately 10 seconds in my seat of the pants estimation. Here's the kicker: if you don't wait long enough for the gauges to fully sweep, and you enter your PIN too early, then the truck will start, but it will throw an error on the dash. Mine would say "service active damping system. offroad maneuvers limited." I don't like this at all. I don't like electronic error messages from my truck. That means I need to fix something. But these were self-imposed from an alarm system I decided to install, which felt terrible. So I decided to use the fob that comes with IGLA. It is supposed to completely bypass the security system when it's inside the truck. When using remote start, this was great. I remote start from 30 seconds out, jump in the truck, and by the time I've buckled up and put it in drive, the fob and IGLA had done their thing. This seemed perfect! It was also my solution for taking the TRX in for service. I don't know about you guys, but I am not confident in RAM service centers to be able to use a PIN to start my truck, even after I explain it and train the service manager. It just isn't going to get disseminated to the workers and getting my truck serviced will be difficult. So I was hot on using the fobs, even though they reduce the security posture...until the fobs stopped working on day 3. Both of them. With new batteries installed in them.

So if the fobs aren't 100% reliable then I can't trust them at all. So the fobs are out for me. You can setup your smart phone to authenticate. That sounded promising. But I'm still out of luck regarding taking it in for service.

Also, my wife needs to be able to drive the truck from time to time. I trained her on the PIN entry. But driving it once every 6 weeks, how feasible is it for her to remember the timing required, wait for the gauges to sweep, and not get error messages? And are the error messages real errors where something isn't working correctly? Or are they just electronic errors from the mis-timed communication? I don't know. And I don't want to have to figure it out.

So I had IGLA removed. When I did my part it worked perfectly. And I am sure it is very secure. I just do not want that level of security at the expense of daily convenience. That's my personal risk/convenience posture, and I'm OK with it. I did not realize any of this before opting for IGLA. So I wanted everyone here to be in the know. You may think the IGLA intrusion is tiny, and doesn't bother you at all, and you wouldn't drive your TRX without it. To you I say, rock on, brother. I'm glad it works for you and gives you the peace of mind you want. For me, I just didn't enjoy it. And I have this truck so I can enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I know the prevailing attitude here on this forum. If you want to think me an idiot for not liking IGLA and wishing to accept the risk of theft rather than experience the mild inconvenience of IGLA, I'm fine with that. I'm 40-something years old. I know myself, and I know I am happier using my truck without it. If my truck is stolen then I have a generous insurance policy on it. And I won't be able to immediately get into another TRX. I'll have to drive something normal for a few months. I'm OK with all of that. So I'm eyes wide open here. My truck is vulnerable to theft. I get it. I'm making the fully informed decision that I would rather use the truck quickly without intervention at every startup and risk theft rather than be inconvenienced every startup.
- Great Summation!
- I personaly appreciated it.
- I am 'trying' to make a similar decision ............ Your comments were a great resource.
- Thank You!
BTW: I currently utilize a Faraday 'Pouch', and place all of the other car keys in a Faraday 'Box' when they are not in use.
While those help thats not going to matter. They don't scan your key. They jump in program a new one and are gone in 2 minutes. The faraday won't keep it safe..Just FYI. I have IGLA on 2 cars now and love it. I like being able to keep remote start and use my phone. Thats my preference.
While those help thats not going to matter. They don't scan your key. They jump in program a new one and are gone in 2 minutes. The faraday won't keep it safe..Just FYI. I have IGLA on 2 cars now and love it. I like being able to keep remote start and use my phone. Thats my preference.
IF they did the relay/clone attack to steal them then it would help up to the point that you need to open it and start it. Then its game over.