How many TRX’s


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Jan 15, 2021
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Does anyone know how many Allocations FCA has released for the TRX? Or how many total have been ordered? Be interesting to see what FCA is trying to push out to market.
KnightMare might be our best bet on answering that question.
I asked the same question today. I wonder how many would be built in 2021? I say under 5k
Highest reported VIN before they started to use 67,68,70xxxx sequence numbers is 5583. They will be moving to 6 days a week stating this week until 2022.
Last 2021 production day will 7/17.
22 production weeks left.
If they do 100 a day for 22 weeks, that would be 13,200 TRX's (NOT INCLUDING the ones already built).
Remember they closed Brampton so no Redeyes are getting made for at least 6 weeks and hellcats haven't been able to be ordered for 2021 yet. My belief is they saving the engines for the Durango and TRX (Haven't seen any 2021 Trackhawks oddly) since they probably trying to cut down paying Tesla for epa credits until they kill off the engine in a couple years
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