FORD Officially wishes they had a V8 Powered RAPTOR R

No way...I'd rather to have 6.2L Super charge than this:
Best-performing: High-output 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine delivers better low-end torque, enables greater maximum towing and increased maximum payload capability, brings a projected EPA-estimated range of over 500 milesƗ, and class-exclusive* active valve dual exhaust for throatier engine sound
So what good is it if you can’t register it for on road use?
Very disappointing... Spent all that R&D on stupid exhaust!!
Would have to suck to join the TRX forum yesterday, just knowing you're going to wreck everyone's hopes and dreams on the TRX.... only to see that reveal today... and still start this tread about a V8 which isn't actually "officially released", much less confirmed.

I'm a current Raptor (Gen 1) owner, and I've loved that truck, but I don't care the brand... give me an awesome car or truck and I'm game!
@Admins can we flag this thread for false info or something? I can only imagine there are a bunch of folks that will read the title and take it as truth since it came from internet land - which is what I'm assuming OP was trying to achieve.
Unless the R at the end of the video with a note saying "more to come" is the Supercharged V8 version, this Raptor is competing on MPG and the Raptor name. Probably price point too.

Otherwise, this isn't enough to get people to swing back.

Ram dropping the 392 in a TRX lite for 2022 would offset the price point and give people the V8 they want.

Also no HP ratings from Ford. Im thinking it will be over 500hp but not by much. The Ford GT has 600 or 650 but i doubt this truck sees that. Could be wrong though.
Hey @Raptor , riddle me this...
How could Ford fumble this so badly that 1) not only did they have a flaccid v6 reveal with rainbow unicorn promises of a brighter future someday, but at the same time 2) Ram bought search engine ad space to have TRX be the #1 thing that comes up when you google Raptor Reveal!

Looks like the TRX is not the only Supercharged V8 truck in the game.

Now what! How many of you guys will be jumping over.
I already have this forums resident ford fangirl spot on lock and lets be real here. Ford messed this up big time. The article doesn't confirm what you are claiming and I can't imagine that many people switching over UNLESS Ram messes up production of the TRX really badly and people are willing to "compromise" with settling with a Raptor. At this point the unveiled raptor is a step down.
I will be totally honest.... I'm a longtime Raptor owner and love my current GEN2. I ordered the TRX back in Sept when Raptor info was scant. Last week I reached out to my Ford rep, fairly certain that I would be going with the new Raptor when released, but that was the most underwhelming Raptor release I could have imagined. Completely and utterly unimpressed with that truck. I can't place my finger on it, but it looks worse than Gen2 to me, and I couldn't discern from the literature any improvement over the TRX. And the last sentence of the release says the R isn't available until next year (translation - it was an afterthought). In fact, the testing truck that everyone thought was a V8 was just a fake exhaust system. On Raptor forum, they are excited that the new exhaust makes it sound like a V8. So, fake speaker sound and fake exhaust rather than the real thing. IMHO, TRX caught Ford flat footed and TRX will continue to reign. Just my $.02, but what a shitty "launch".