First Mod?


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Dec 10, 2019
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What will your first mod on the TRX be?
Probably a winch, if it's not stock. then a lift kit and an ECU
It's been a while since I posted this, so I wanted to bump it to get some new thoughts on it.
Maybe Mopar bead lock wheels, bed bar and lights, nothing major.
Once the “Build Your . . .” configurator is ready on the Ram Trucks web site, I’ll see what is and is not available stock and go from there
I usually do heavy duty skid plates asap as that’s been learned the hard way. Better off road tires eventually. Usually I’ll go up a size, but with its long travel suspension and my plans for using it, I would not do that until checking out the bump stops and clearance.
Pulley's, tune, 37" tires and 17" wheels if they'll fit over the brakes. Potentially king bump stops
Having the interior protected as that’s where I’ll spend a majority of MY time lol.
Make a custom bed cap, got to have more room for stuff that is dry and safe : )
AMP PowerSteps..
Crazy that it wasn't stock or at least an option...
Love the look without the boards but short guys need them to get in and out..
Anyone know if the available manufacturer tonneau cover as option is hard or soft?
I wonder if backflip will make one.
Engine cooler / thermostat setting. Nano polish
wench with nylon rope.
E85, Pulley, tune, & Injectors. Maybe a ported blower down the road.