FCA Webinar Today 12/3/20...... What’s the news?!


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My dealer assured me of a phone call today after the FCA webinar where “hopefully” some TRX information would be made available. I’ll let you guys know what mine says and please do the same.
Curious as well!
Me too....
I will do some checking tomorrow and post an update.
Can anyone else confirm FCA CSRs are now telling customers Q1 2021?
Asked the store manager earlier today and he said nothing was mentioned about the TRX during the webinar.
In my experience the call center CSR's often have less access to information than the dealerships. Often times when you call them and they put you on hold they are calling a dealer (your dealer if they know which one.) to get answers. A reply of Q1 2021 is a very generic response. It is basically the "I don't know and could not get a strait answer" answer. (IMO) With so much of the logistics being union related there will be a lot of time off this month creating delays. I do agree that we will not see these until January since there are no signs yet that production has begun in earnest. And even if it did begin today vehicles would not arrive at the dealer until the first of the year.

p.s. I will update on the webinar soon. Waiting for a meeting to end.
The salesman who sold me my TRX contacted me today and said “still no update on your truck but we all got training on it via webinar today......it can jump 5 feet!” I found this kind of comical. He didn’t have any other info to pass along other then he’s hoping it arrives sooner then later.
This is the reply I got from my salesman “ Nothing yet. I have heard from Tim Booth the EPA has FINALLY cleared all credits for production so hopefully we will get going”
I find it funny they get trained on the TRX 2 months after it was supposed to enter production.
I just talked to our business development guy who would be the guy to know about any training or webinars that FCA puts out. There was no TRX related Webinars or other training put out by FCA with in the last several weeks. there
I find it funny they get trained on the TRX 2 months after it was supposed to enter production.
This year has been a very odd year for FCA training in general. IMO the training on this vehicle can be delayed because the things we are normally trained about are already widely known and in all the literature available to the general public. Weather we as parts, sales, service people choose to absorb it is on us. But there will be "official" training at some point. usually part of the Master Parts and Service training we do quarterly.
The EPA certification hold up (possibly along with parts constraints) seems to be the most plausible to me. The EPA certificate was dated the end of Oct, so obviously, that could be party why production didn’t start on Oct 12th. They aren’t going to produce a bunch of trucks on the “hopes” the EPA certifies it. Training now makes sense to me too, as that would signify to me they are about to start production... and they would be needing to get sales people up-to-date for possible not to distant deliveries.
Just my 2 cents.
Another lesser possible slowdown is the parts catalog. I used the VIN posted here to look at it and found that it is probably less than half complete. But it does have a decent Mopar accessories section, Including an area for a Mopar lift kit! No part number but the section is there.


Road and Track teaser pictures have me sold on Hydro Blue. I think may be letting go of my Launch Edition the more I see this color.
Yes I’m glad I switched as well
Yup reaching out to my rep on Monday. Lets see how they take it as they only had an allocation for an LE available which I have. Unless they can paint my LE in Hydro Blue, I'm pretty set on switching out even if that means I'm waiting another 6 months for it.
It would be one thing if they built all the Le's first.. Blue is awesome. I wish I picked it.
It would be one thing if they built all the Le's first.. Blue is awesome. I wish I picked it.
Agreed I was under the impression that the "Launch Edition" had priority and that was one of the selling points as I want the vehicle for business marketing purposes ASAP but since it's not I'll be sending over my new non-LE Hydro Blue to my sales rep on Monday and see how they take it.