FCA Provides Interactive Augmented Reality Manual for TRX


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Sep 16, 2020
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Check this out... this will be so cool for everyone to get familiar with the new TRX and provide full search capabiitiies when looking for information about your new truck.

See I think this is cool and all... but I don't EVER see myself using it. don't know how to use the radio? Don't know how to use the gear shifter? LOL..... I get the point. But I'd rather them develop and app to monitor the truck remotely... remote start it... remote TPMS, battery, close the sunroof, lock the doors etc...

But I don't own any newer FCA products... so not sure if they have it or not.
I'm the type of buyer that reads the car manual cover-to-cover so I fully understand the vehicles capabilities.

I'll totally use this app, it's like an index of a paper copy manual, but instead of thumbing through pages you just point your phone/device at an area in the truck that you want to learn more about.... like how to use launch control, engine break-in, towing guidelines, service schedules, etc.. There is a lot of new tech in this truck and looking forward to learning/playing like a kid on Christmas!