exterior imperfections


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Jan 1, 2021
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I posted this yesterday under a different thread and did not get any replies so I am reposting under a different category to see if that gets some replies. I hope that is okay to do. This question is for those who have taken delivery already. I am aware of all the mechanical issues being posted but are any of you disappointed with the exterior quality and finish? I am really curious if Ram has finally addressed the waviness or slight creases around the door handles. I have owned many Rams and this has been an issue for many years. It's almost like the door handles are being over tightened causing a pinch in the metal. It's most notable when looking down the sides of the truck. Fords have the same issue maybe even worse. The metal keeps getting thinner and thinner which does not help either. It used to bug the crap out of me but I have learned to live with and accept the flaws. I believe all Ram trucks are assembled the same way from Tradesman to the Limited. They all have this flaw no matter how much money you are spending. Too bad these manufactures cant step up and produce an all around better product. I look forward to your feedback on this topic.