Explanation of Priced Order Confirmation (POC) Sheet Fields


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I think this might be useful to many. Many dealer rep accidentally sent me my new POC sheet with vin and included the FWP pricing. I have $1k deposit down on MSRP which I assume is the $95,790, however like most others are, I am curious as to what all these other abbreviations mean.

HB is holdback
EP Employees pricing
FWP Invoice price
FFP family and friends pricing

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I'm sure someone knows what that means.......cant wait for responses....my guess is invoice pricing, but not sure.

As to what I would do...probably nothing...I wouldn't feel bad about it either....
HB is holdback
EP Employees pricing
FWP Invoice price
FFP family and friends pricing
Nothing.... these r generally available from the dealer... and have been posted elsewhere too. Reputable, honest dealers will give you these and full transparency from the get go. It is what it is man... FF, EP, supplier pricing etc isn't available just yet anyway as I understand it. If you were happy with the deal before, hopefully u r still happy :)
Thank you, 1st post updated with that information and I completely agree. Now if someone could get us ETAs or had a connection at FCA to let us know our build time for our vins! Can't help there!

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