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Feb 5, 2021
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Southern IL
Hey all, new to the forum so apologize if this has always been covered.
I put an order in yesterday for a TRX. Small local dealer said they had 1 alocation and it had been ordered as a stock order. He said they would be able to change the order to my specifications. Once I confirmed the order they said they were placing the order as a customer order as it would get picked up sooner than their stock alocation order.
Any experience here? Should I request they change their original allocation order like originally discussed or will the customer order take precedent?
I ordered last Monday January 25th. I chatted with fca customer service the next day and they said see my order under my name and address.

Then on February 1st I had a VIN. I asked my sales guy last night if he could give me my build status and build week. He said he will look today for me.

There's also a lot of other members who ordered in January and February who have VINs. It seems like a high chance to get a build.
In my search to find a TRX I spoke with several dealerships. Some seemed reasonable and some were 100% shady and just made stuff up.

I ultimately settled on a dealer out of state (Washington) because they had allocation / build spot and they were straightforward and honest. I placed the order and within a week I was assigned a VIN.

There was another honest and reputable dealer also out of state (California) that explained the process to me of how allocation technically works. According to the dealer allocation is usually intended for dealer stock units. In the case of the TRX or other desired vehicles the manufacturer allows dealers to replace those stock orders with sold customer orders. Sold customer orders without an allocation are not guaranteed (it’s doesn’t matter if it’s a TRX, tradesman or Laramie). That same California dealer was able to get several unallocated sold customer orders picked up by the manufacturer and assigned a VIN. Once you have a VIN your truck is going to get built barring some unforeseen circumstances. There’s no set timeframe when you’ll actually get built. Once you get a VIN get it on the registry and track it.

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