C - Tentative Schedule status


Feb 20, 2021
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Does this mean the order cannot be changed?
Also, what does it mean in an actual build/dealer delivery time-frame?
May have a lead on one . ;)

You can still make changes to your order in C status. Zero info on lead / delivery in C status. If you think you can find one that’s available go that route.
Thanks, Rob
Actually found this here on the forum: https://www.ram-trx.com/threads/von-tracking.103/
If the below is correct, wouldn't BX be the last chance for changes? If we can still make changes in C - that would be great.
I'm assuming D status is a definite no for any changes to the order.

BX: Passed edit available for schedule
C: Sub firm - Tentative schedule
D: Firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
D1: Gateline schedule - scheduled to be built
You can still make changes in D status too. Your dealer just needs to work with the regional rep to make those changes
If you want to make changes the earlier the better. I know the dealers don’t like to make changes once it hits D (it can be done though)
You can make changes up to about 3 weeks before your truck gets built. I made a change, then the next week mine went D1 and it made it on my build.

If your dealer says you can't change it, some times they can't, then they need to get their rep involved and him push the change.