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Feb 18, 2021
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Has anyone found a bull bar (brush guard) for the front bumper that will work on the TRX?
Not yet actually but I will keep my eye out and post when we do have a few options available.
Also HIGHLY interested. Can’t seem to find any that are a guaranteed fit and are more than just cosmetic. Would REALLY like to use Setina’s setup as that’s what the cops use. If it can push cars out of the way, should work for anything we need. They say it will fit a Ram 1500 but looking very closely at their photos it seems like the TRX front end it sticks out just further enough that they might not.

Once I get the truck and get the higher-priority mods done, I may make the couple hour drive to the closest dealer in order to find out.
I think it’s going to be a hard find. You can probably modify one from a standard 1500. It’s the same reason they don’t make them for the rebel. You already have a front skid plate from the factory and it’ll probably cut down on an approach angle for off road driving. I did see a pic of a TRX with one a few months back.
I know someone on here posted a Red TRX with one installed but I can't find/remember the thread.

They were from outside the USA if I remember correctly.
Unfortunately we don't sell any for a direct fit. Most manufacturers can't even confirm they will fit a Rebel or TRX. We have seen some fit a Rebel but with shroud trimming and removable of the tow hooks as well as other modifications to the mount brackets.

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