Bright White-4780-NY


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Jan 23, 2021
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West Nyack, NY
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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Ecodiesel
Hey all,

New here. Ordered in August. VIN 4780. Can't come soon enough. Build below.

Dam how did you get such a hi Vin . I ordered 9/3 and I'm 3041 White
Welcome @RussianMOBB!

That VIN does seem very high for an August order, possibly from a dealership that didn't get a round one allocation? So the order didn't get accepted by FCA until much later.
Guys, the vins are assigned when the order is picked up! Not when you order it. You can order day 1 and get a 5000 vin if your stuck in BG until recently
Dealer with no allocation that finally got one. What would be shitty is if the dealer didn’t tell the buyer that they had no allocation.
Its pretty simple, the dealer had 3 allocations when ordering started, 1 LE and 2 more amendable orders. I didn't want the LE so I took an amendable one and was told December/January which I was fine with at the time. Obviously that's not happening now but it is what it is. I pre-traded a 2017 M4 convertible competition manual to the dealer for the sales tax credit so I'm kind of stuck.