Best product for under coating


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Jan 1, 2021
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I live in Massachusetts and the winters are harsh and tough on vehicle frames. I am leaning towards getting the TRX under coated. I want it to be permanent and last. I really don’t want to do it every year. I don’t want any dripping because I have a nice driveway. Do these companies mask off the body so that no over spray gets on the paint? Can anyone recommend the best product to use? Looking for a good reputable company in Massachusetts or New Hampshire to take it too. My truck should be here in 3 to 4 weeks.
Look up some YouTube videos. I’d be leery of any “permanent” undercoating, such as a rubberized coating. It traps moisture and rots the frame from the inside out. There are some horror show YouTube videos of mechanics scraping off what looks like clean black rubberized coated frame and it’s just flaking off in sheets of rust with a screwdriver.

Ive read the best stuff is, unfortunately, the kind you have to apply every year, such as fluid film, or woolwax.