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Dec 10, 2019
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I would like to welcome Chris from APEX Auto Styling as an official supporting vendor of!

For questions, you can send a direct message to @APEX Auto Styling

Be sure to check out all of their graphics at:
Thanks for the welcome! We've created a 10% off code for the group: TRXForum

Here is just a sample of some of the products we offer. All orders come with detailed instructions and an installation squeegee as well.

- Bedside decals are available in multiple colors. Both sides are included.

- Our rear window decals are each available with a few flag background variations and the logo you choose can be any color including most OEM paint matches

- Windshield banners are also available in most OEM colors and 2 different sizes.

We have a ton of actual product photos on our Instagram and Facebook as well!

Please let me know if you have any questions or interest!


download (1).png
download (2).png
download (4).png
download (6).png
download (9).png
download (8).png
download (7).png
download (6).png
download (5).png
download (3).png
Really appreciate the kind comment and pic. It’s been really cool seeing how many members in here already rock our stuff!
I have a set of bedside decals from you being delivered tomorrow. Can they be installed using wet method ?
I have a 2023 Hydroblue Ram TRX so I ordered the red TRX emblem for my windshield. I ordered the middle sized one (28"). I hope this looks the same as the example you have on the Hydroblue TRX. It will match my overall theme. Great looking red color.
Thanks for the order! That is close what’s displayed in the photo, the actual digital picture of the truck is slightly skewed because of the angle and it being animated, but if for some reason that’s not the size you prefer when it shows up, we will happily swap it out for you! I do have a 28” banner on my truck and think it’s just right 😎
Hey Slick product so glad you're on here.

Quick question can you ship overseas? And with the rear window decal can we use a different flag ? ( Was thinking UAE with the T-rex)

Look forward to your answer and hopefully can place an order soon.


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